Burial Options

We are here to serve you.

The type of burial you choose is a personal decision.
There is no right or wrong choice. Memories can be kept alive by choosing the option that best suits you and your family.

Traditional Burial

In ground traditional casket burials require one grave space “per casket.” You also have the options of one “casket” burial and one “cremation” per space, or you can bury two “cremations” per space. All burials are recorded separately so all are subject to the interment and inurnment fee. Vaults are required for all “casket” burials.


in ground cremation burials have options as mentioned in the Traditional Burial Section. All cremation burials are recorded per person. Thornrose does not require an urn vault for burial of cremated remains.

Columbarium Burial

Thornrose is excited to announce our new Columbarium for cremated remains. Niches are now available and are sold single or double. You will pay per per person to be inurned, and lettering (names and dates) is included in the price.

Contact us for more information.

Personal Mausoleums

We have a designated area for Personal Mausoleums. Give us a call to discuss particulars.